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We are proud to introduce our revolutionary service domain4seo.com to you. With this service, you'll be able to INDEPENDENTLY purchase trusted topical domains established in 1998+ for $15 and higher.

We process expiring domains lists from largest registrars by 48 parameters. Domains that we are ready to show you are NOT EXPIRED in the old sense of this term, their registration period is not coming to an end and seo-parameters are not zeroed. Many domains have mass of pages in the search engines index. That means if you place your content on such domains, right after indexing you will get good positions in SERP on low-, middle-frequency query terms, and often on high-competitive keywords.

The thing is that instead of purchasing "old" domains from "unknown" people, or staying at the auctions all the time trying to find good domain using some unclear signs, you are able to buy subscription for $29.95/month, $14.95/week or $4.95/day and have a huge selection of domains by 48 parameters everyday. After that you just need to do selection based on necessary signs ( for example: date of registration, PageRank, number of unique external links etc.) and INDEPENDENTLY make orders for chosen domains at domain auctions right away. You don't have to suffer any more, trying tosomehow astrologically figure out tasty domains from poor auctions listings.

How It Works?

Registrars give away list of domains which registration period is about to end. Domain acutions users may place a bid on such domains. If the bid was placed - registrar rewrites domain on itself (without zeroing date of registration!) and then places it for the auction where anyone can bargain for this certain domain. We process lists from three largest auctions - NameJet (registrar NetworkSolutions.com + EnomCentral.com + 10 less big registrars), TDNAM (Godaddy.com), SnapNames (about 5-6 registrars) by following parameters:

1. Domain: Domain name
2. TLD: Domain zone
3. Date: Date of domain registration
4. Com: Presence of identical domain in .com zone, and if it presents there it's registration date.
5. Net: Presence of identical domain in .net zone.
6. Org: Presence of identical domain in .org zone.
7. Biz: Presence of identical domain in .biz zone.
8. Info: Presence of identical domain in .info zone.
9. PR: Domain PageRank.
10. BL: Total number of links to domain by Yahoo.com.
11. UnikD: Number of uniques domains in first 300 links by Yahoo.com.
12-22. Number of links from pages with PageRank 0..10.
23-29. Number of links from domains in .gov, .mil, .edu, .ru, .de, .fr, .es domain zones.
30. YahooDir: Presence of the domain in Yahoo Directory.
31. DMOZ: Presence of the domain in DMOZ.
32. Business: Presence of the domain in Business.com directory.
33. GoogleSite: Number of pages in Google index.
34. Compete: Traffic(rank) according to Compete.com.
35. AlexRank: Traffic(rank) according to Alexa.com.
36-40. SemRush.com domain characteristics (rank, number of keywords in Google top 20, traffic, price, traffic price, popular words in keywords).
41. Key: Presence of keyword in the domain name.
42. Count: Number of symbols in the domain name.
43. Registrar: Current registrar of the domain.
44. Name Server: Current nameservers of the domain.
45. YandexTiz: Value of Yandex PR.
46. YandexDir: Presence of the domain in Yandex directory.
47. YandexSite: Number of pages in Yandex index.
48. WebArchive: Number of pages in web.archive.org database (text pages only).

Examples of processed domains lists:

1. Nic.ru Expired, 2009-08-13: nic-13-08-2009.zip
2. NameJet Pre-Release, 2009-08-06, domains - 19007: NJ-2009-08-06.zip
3. Godaddy_End_Tomorrow, 2009-08-06, domains - 25321: g-2009-08-06.zip
4. SnapNames_Exclusive, 2009-08-06, domains - 15257: SN-2009-08-06.zip

As you can see from these examples, we have large number of domains in our selections. Exemplarily equal selections are being uploaded to site every day and you will be able to see them in the admin area after you've made a payment.

How to start work?

1. Register on our site, then pay, after that you become our client (domain lists available for download immediately after payment).
2. Register at domain auctions: Namejet.com, Auctions.godaddy.com, SnapNames.com.
3. Visit domain4seo.com, log in, download domains list.
4. Open domain list, press Ctrl+A, Menu> Data> Filter> Autofilter.
5. Choose interesting domains going by abovementioned parameters, proceed to the auction site, place bid and bargain.

What domains to choose?

It all depends on your personal preferences and your knowledge in SEO. We won't be describing here our selection criterions just not to make users of our service face each other at online auctions. Some of the webmasters buy domains and create satellites to feed main projects or MFA-sites. Some buy domains with good PR which serve as donors and produce 2- or 3-side link exchange. Also, our service is very popular among SAPE-webmasters and doorway creators. Most of the webmasters buy topical domains to place there thier projects and promote them.


Many newbies in SEO think that change of domain owner, content, registrar, nameservers and alike stuff inevitably leads to the ban of the site. We want to scuttle these myths. Abovementioned events - natural process in the history of Internet-project existence. Sometimes you change place of living and clothes, right? Naturally, there are situations when complex of certain factors leads to slowdown of positions growth or infliction of penalty. But often it happens with unlettered ( as a rule ultrafast) linking of intercepted old domain or beacuse of use of black hat technologies. Try to emit natural development of your site and don't be afraid to experiment.

Are there any risks when buying domains with SEO-parameters?

Yes, there is a risk, compare your revenues with domain price and don't buy expensive domains for money you saved on dinners. Remember, sometimes quality may come out in quantity.

Latest news

\\ 2010.11.16
Credit card payment problems

The billing which provides services to domain4seo.com has closed down. It’ll take some time to solve the problem. At the present moment you can buy a subscription for WMZ only.

\\ 2010.09.16
Goobye Microsoft Excel 1997!

Starting October 1st all scans will be uploaded in the Microsoft Excel 2007 format. Please update your software.

\\ 2010.06.25

From July 20th to July 30th there may be some problems with the distribution of domain lists. We recommend not to buy daily and weekly subscriptions for this period. If your subscription includes this period, it will be prolonged for the number of days missing.

\\ 2009.12.15
Problem with the YandexSite

Problem with the YandexSite figure. Yandex banned our IP's so for some time in this figure will be missing in our scnas. As soon as the problem is solved we'll report in the news section.