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\\ 2010.11.16
Credit card payment problems

The billing which provides services to domain4seo.com has closed down. It’ll take some time to solve the problem. At the present moment you can buy a subscription for WMZ only.

\\ 2010.09.16
Goobye Microsoft Excel 1997!

Starting October 1st all scans will be uploaded in the Microsoft Excel 2007 format. Please update your software.

\\ 2010.06.25

From July 20th to July 30th there may be some problems with the distribution of domain lists. We recommend not to buy daily and weekly subscriptions for this period. If your subscription includes this period, it will be prolonged for the number of days missing.

\\ 2009.12.15
Problem with the YandexSite

Problem with the YandexSite figure. Yandex banned our IP's so for some time in this figure will be missing in our scnas. As soon as the problem is solved we'll report in the news section.